back to article IBM sues ex-customer over unpaid $1.7m tab

IBM claims a New York-based brokerage firm downloaded $1.7 million worth of its online transaction software without bothering to settle a bill. In a lawsuit filed Friday, Big Blue says that the Euro Partners unit of BGC Partners downloaded extra copies of Informix software without paying for licensing fees between 2003 and …


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Monkey see monkey do.

Same thing happend to Q.

They made that network diagnostic prevention downtime tool and after they were bought out and moved the company from Bethesda to California it ws a field day on teh software as some of it went from $6,000 to $12,000

Black Helicopters

Informix is IBM's Dirty Little Secret.

First, if you have an active PPA account (PassPortAdvantage), you can download software. So unless you get audited in a 'true up' program, it will mostly go unseen for a while...

The funny thing is that if you were to ask an IBM sales rep about Informix, he could tell you anything but say 'DB2'.

(That is of course assuming that the sales rep isn't a 'heritage' Informixer.)

But hey! What do I know? Its not like I was an Informixer caught up by the borg.

Ooops! I I was, but I escaped...

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