back to article Dell rolls out rugged OptiPlex PC for retailers

Dell has rolled out a ruggedized, OEM variant of its OptiPlex business-class PCs during the opening of National Retail Federation show in New York city. As part of our free-ranging discussion of the OEM and embedded systems business that helps Dell make its numbers each quarter, the computer maker let slip that it had the …


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No it ain't

Not in Blighty anyway:

"The item you have selected is not available for purchase online. Please contact your sales representative to purchase."

Funnily enough, was just looking at these today. Be nice if they did become available soon.



Strap a filter on, give 'em $10 more heatsink, oh and crank that fan up and slap an extra big duct on it. We'll charge a $300 premium and call it cost of warranty coverage... nevermind our changes in and of themselves were supposed to mitigate any increase in failure in these more extreme environments.

More marketing BS from a company that lost sight of what made them popular in the first place.


@JC2: Insane

Maybe, maybe not.

Part of "what made Dell popular in the first place" was being cheap. That came from two directions: "value engineering" (ie cheap hardware designs), and high volumes.

This new kit specifically for the built-in/OEM channels has neither of those, in fact the opposite applies, so the price difference is inevitably going to be non-trivial.

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