back to article Microsoft readies singular fix for first Patch Tuesday of 2010

Microsoft's first Patch Tuesday of the year looks set to be more famine than feast. Redmond plans to instead fix just one critical vuln that affects Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7. It will also patch the same bug in Windows Server 2003, Server 2008 and 2008 R2, although the security flaw in those products is marked as …


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Jobs Horns

How are foxes coping with the cold weather?

I wonder how many highly critical holes will be patched in the first Firefox update of the year?

Significantly more than 1 I'm guessing...

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Critical holes fixed in Firefox?

Um, I think this means zero.

"Firefox 3.5.7 fixes the following issues:

Fixed a common stability issue.

Fixed a problem with how updates were being presented to users."

Sounds like "annoying but not insecure", but... worth having.


Apples and Oranges

With the MS patches we're talking about a whole OS, including versions going back 9 years.

Are Mozilla supporting versions of their browser going back a decade? Firefox is just a web browser, and they won't even support anything going back as far as one major release.

And this "common stability issue" would that be the same as the browser crashing when it encounters certain code? In which case it would be a security fix.

Big Brother

@Critical holes fixed in Firefox?

RE: "Um, I think this means zero"

Well, not necessarily... given the vilification of Mozilla of late regarding the number of bug patches on sites just such as this, what's to say that "Fixed a common stability issue" was not actually a fairly critical hole within the browser?

Let's be honest here, just because a company is a dev of (F)OSS software, does not mean that they are "nice, honest people" who aren't willing to clean the language of their release notes in order to save face.


So, Tuesday is the 13th is it?

Nope, definitely not....


Tuesday the 13th...

Is this something to do with the Y2010K bug? Should someone tell Google their calendar is/isn't correct?

Worried of Brussels

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