back to article Sony readies family-friendly internet access gadget

Sony today unveiled its take on the internet tablet: a stand up or lie down device it calls Dash and is styled a "personal internet viewer". Based around a 7in LCD touchscreen, Dash sports an unusual triangular design that allows it to be placed upright digital photo frame style or laid flat, on a kitchen work surface, say. In …


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  1. Quxy
    Thumb Down

    Audrey, anyone?

    It's hard to imagine that there's really much of a market for a "family-friendly internet viewer". Even my technically illiterate Chinese mother-in-law is perfectly comfortable with the Ubuntu-powered netbook we gave her -- and it's a helluva lot more convenient for her to stuff into her purse. I've got to think that the only people who need something more "friendly" don't give a toss about the internet anyway.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Insidious influence of Apple Corp at work!

    5 years ago, if anyone suggested a consumer tablet device everyone would have laughed at you. Apple come along and decide they are going to make one ( although it's still not been 100% confirmed by them yet! ) and suddenly every tech manufacturer is falling over themselves to get a tablet device to market!

    Me, I still despise tablets, clunky, bulky and a pain to use comfortably. When we get full 3D, holographic, virtual consoles, such as those used in Minority Report, then I'll listen.

    Pint icon; it's only tech, nothing worth getting your panties in a twist!

    1. Lawrence 7


      Total Knee Jerk reaction there, Its isnt a iTablet, no where near, its a Sony Chumby. Chumbys are cool. They are a brilliant example of a connected appliance, and thats the future, Mr. AC, you just wait and see!

  3. Neil_

    If it's in the kitchen...

    ...does it show the same thing that's on the telly in the lounge so I don't miss anything whilst I'm making a cuppa?

    That's the only use I can think of for it.

  4. fattybacon

    More Chumby love

    I love the Chumby and having Sony licence the OS I hope will secure it's future.

    I wish I could find out what the screen resolution is on this thing, the Sony PR site says nothing other than it's got a 7 inch screen.

    To me, if the price is right then it could be viewed a family friendly photoframe with knobs on. I'd have one like a shot.

  5. Bassey

    So that would be a Joggler then?

    Looks exactly like the O2 Joggler to me

  6. Big Zeee

    Dash? I wou;dn't yet...

    Good idea, but it could be more functional. Make it flat with a fold out support arm if you need it upright.

    Give it Infrared tranmission and reception capabilities and you've got a programmable remote control.! Just right when in front your TV / Hi-Fi / AV kit. Why have something else cluttering up your coffee table!

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Time warp?

    Didn't we do this already in the 90's?

  8. Steve Roper

    Looking at the shape

    I can straight away see one major design flaw - it's thicker at the bottom than at the top. So if you lie it flat, the screen's going to be tilted AWAY from you, and it's hard to see how Sony can reconcile that with an "esy-to-read" viewing angle!

    1. Hywel Thomas

      Rotate it 180 degrees…

      … the display will be facing you and the image will rotate. (I assume)

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