back to article FSA charges four ex-directors of NHS software supplier

The Financial Services Authority has confirmed that it is starting criminal proceedings against four former directors of iSoft Group plc - the major provider of patient records software for the NHS's National Programme for IT. Patrick Cryne, Stephen Graham, Timothy Whiston and John Whelan have been summoned to appear at the …


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It's a start

But only that. So they owe the British taxpayer about £60million.

Accountants will *only* start paying attention when some of them start doing time.

Paris Hilton

Taxpayer pays again

It's the same Patricia Hewitt, then Health Secretary, who yesterday mounted a 'get Brown' attempted coup with Hoon.

These people should be imprisoned along with the iSofties for wasting taxpayer money.

Paris, because even she couldn't mess up like the madwomen of politics.

Anonymous Coward

No surprises then...

Just another grim 'jobs for the boys' tale ... but then when did we ever expect anything else? Fify pence plus out of every pound the NHS spends goes on dodgy contracts, overpriced supplies and inflated top salaries - before they ever touch a patient. So who's surprised that there are people along the way who regard the whole area as fair game?

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