back to article Google chisels Chrome OS tablet, rumors say

Google and HTC, its bosom buddy hardware manufacturer, have spent the last 18 months developing touch-screen tablets, according to a report out of Australia. The Mountain View-based world power and the Taiwan-based hardware maker have produced "several working models" of a touch tablet, sources tell the Aussie publication …


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Anonymous Coward

If Apple are late...?

"unveiling a Macintosh tablet, allegedly dubbed iSlate, on January 26"

Can we call it iSlate "is late"?


Google + HTC

would google buy HTC and really take on Apple by launching lots of thin client devices? Anyone know the market cap of HTC?

Paris Hilton

Makes sense?

The google goes for stack it high, sell it for whatever?

The Apple goes for top end, creamy device?

The hardware, assemblers can then optimise production accordingly?

All said it looks like 2010 is going to be an incredible year.

I'd guess that much like the mobile phone/cell phone market was just waiting for the right blend of hardware, software and partnering then the pad/slate market is cusping towards making it happen.


It's a new year... The devil has made a new resolution

Don't be google.


I'm not sure I get this

I'm putting money that this phone will actually set Android back.

Google are not only promoting a phone OS but are competing against the very companies that it requires to make market share. I'm sure Motorola/Samsung/the rest are enamored to have an Android offering yet be competing with Google directly for the sale of a phone.

Over a couple of years, they will simply see that Google is taking money directly away from them as it builds itself a mobile phone manufacturing (or at least design) base.

What stops any of these companies building their own Linux versions, their own application stores and so forth.

Frankly, I cannot see why they even signed up in the first place as the whole thing over time is a Google win win and a Manufacturer (Motorola/Samsung/etc) lose lose.

Gold badge

It's deja vu all over again.

It doesn't seem that long ago that a certain large software company decided that their wonderful OS was so destined to be all things to all men that they shipped it running on just about everthing. Desktops, laptops (well if you had a big enough lap in those days), tablets, phones, you name it.

I even remember Bill talking about Windows on washing machines and toasters.

Thinking about it, I suppose at least Chrome makes sense on a Surface, even if it is a bit 1950s.

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