back to article Nominet legal boss quits

Emily Taylor, Nominet's long-serving legal and policy director, has resigned. The non-profit company in charge of the .uk domain registry declined to explain her departure. It sent this statement: "We can confirm that Emily Taylor has resigned from Nominet. We thank Emily for her long and loyal service to company and the …


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Anonymous Coward

Freedom of information act?

The FOI laws state that organisations which are contracted by governmental bodies (departments or councils, etc etc) or which perform a governmental function which would otherwose be done by the state (ie, DNS stuff like wot Nominet does) are subject to FOI laws (following a determination made by the Secretary of State).

Of course the Secretary of State has yet to make a single determination, but maybe (just maybe) Nominet might be a good test case for Vulture Central to ask for one...


And if you lose?

Bear in mind what might happen if you lose a test case. Best wait until Darth Mandelson is out of the way, at least.

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