back to article iPhone worms can create mobile botnets

A detailed analysis of the most malign in a recent spate of iPhone worms points to future mobile botnet risks. The IKee-B (Duh) iPhone worm, released in late November, exploited default root passwords on jailbroken iPhones to turn the smartphones into botnet clients under the control of a server based in Lithuania. The worm …


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  1. Robert Hill

    Key word: JAILBROKEN

    When we see more than two worms on non-jailbroken iPhones, then I will worry...

  2. Dominic Thomas
    Dead Vulture

    Is that a DEC in your pocket?

    > allowing decent internet access with what's essentially a mini-computer

    A PDP-11? A Prime 50? Neither are exactly pocketable... "Mini-computer" is already a well established term, at least for us old-timers...

    1. Mike Powers

      Right, and it's JIGGAbyte, not GIGGAbyte

      and a kilobyte is 1024 bytes, not 1000!

      Give me a DAMN break.

  3. Daniel B.

    So it is a worm!

    Even security experts designate it as a worm. The fanboi's are put to rest on the "it isn't a worm" argument.

    That said, it does seem to be the "stupid worm", that meaning you're stupid enough to leave a default password on your phone. Kinda like leaving your Nokia with 12345 as the security code...

  4. A 31


    I think it is quite an achievement for the iphone

    a phone that can spread a worm has to be commanded, certainly one of the first through an IP network, desapointing that it only uses a default setting though.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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