back to article AMD revs up Stream SDK

With Nvidia getting most of the attention when it comes to the use of graphics cards and GPU co-processors to boost the number-crunching capability of workstations and servers, it's hard for Advanced Micro Devices to get a word in edgewise. Perhaps that's why AMD waited until the holiday news dead zone to push out the second …


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careful fessin up to those things

"and yes, I just wasted 30 minutes looking at them again instead of doing useful work"

bosses tend to frown on such things.

oh right... I'm sitting here reading internets

mines the one with the dark shades in the pocket


drumb roll please

New Radeon and Fire series Mac compatible cards anoucenment pending in 3, 2, 1...

Thumb Up

Go ATI evergreen

I bought the 5850 card for for playing around with in Linux. Very impressive stuff. Unlike nvidia the chip has a full integer instruction set, very useful if you want to compute rainbow tables. The ATI cards are ahead of nvidia in when it comes to speed on the GSM cracking effort.

For floating point work it is brilliant. The author mention mandelbrot, he should get his hands on my mandelbulb renderer. For sure he will waste more than just 30 minutes looking at that twisted old knob.



Well the 5850's are the new kids on the block, so yeah, they're fast. Nvidia still has other wins on the cracking front probably because of the ease of programming. Now that the ATI SDK is out of beta I want to see some real GP-GPU competition and benchmarks.


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