back to article Ingres goes after disgruntled MySQL customers, partners

Open source database maker Ingres is hoping to benefit from concerns about the future of MySQL, by luring customers over to its VectorWise product. In an interview with The Register, Ingres senior engineering veep Emma McGrattan admitted that the company had had a tougher year than it had hoped for, despite hitting most …


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I don't get it - "They're like the Tiger Woods of the technology world"

Really well paid, some might say ridiculously so for what they actually do?

Endorsed by some really big, if maybe a bit bizarre, companies?

They're black and good at golf?

Media reports a crashing issue that could potentially destroy their reputation?

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She has hit the nail directly on the head. Now, how do we get the average joe/punter to understand that?

Perhaps more importantly, will they care?

I like her direct approach.


I'm curious what her game is

I would expect more wisdom from senior engineer like McGrattan. Google is like Tiger Woods? Is that your personal opinion or is it position of your company? If you throw out obscure analogy like that you need to elaborate, what exactly is Google doing behind the scenes that raises your ire?

I’m very happy that McGrattan doesn’t fall for Google’s unofficial motto. However, she makes it very clear that is she is ready to trust more Microsoft. In her words, Microsoft is not the competitor it once was even though she admits that they have competitive prices. So if Google is like tiger then Microsoft is like bear- not the ferocious man eater it once was, but friendly cuddly bear that cries at night because people are mean to it. Go ahead, open the cage and give it big hug!

On second thought, McGrattan might not be lacking in wisdom at all. This looks like clear signal intended for Redmont that she's ready to jump ships.


stupid comparison

So if Google is Tiger Woods, who are waitresses Google is screwing around? Really will this nonsense ever end? Fail for stupid comparison.


Rock on Ingres!!

How ironic; back in the early days of Sun (1982-1988), Ingres was shipped as part of SunOS (which is unsurprising since both were children of BSD). At some point, Ingres was removed, partly due to the licensing restrictions (1 user system) and partly because Ingres was going public.

Ingres has spawned many deriviates, been taken over, released as open source, re-incorporated as a company and is now gunning for an open source product.

Isn't the IT industry fun!

Oh, and Ingres truely rocks!!!

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Google slept with porn stars?

.. Maybe Larry and Sergey do? They're kinda rich..

I don't get it.

Are they saying Google is a technology whore because the evidence doesn't support the hypothesis. They've been glued to Python since the Torah was written if nothing else..

It's funny that in a time when basically everybody that's even slightly cool in the field is moving to NoSQL this crap arrives.

And seriously where's the PDO driver for it? What is this, 1995?

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