back to article Stratus puts $50K where its fault tolerant mouth is

Server virtualization and the live migration of virtual machines across a network of servers and storage has allowed companies like VMware and Citrix Systems to bully their way into the high availability server market. And Stratus Technologies, which makes mirrored, fault-tolerant x64 boxes, is fighting back against what it sees …


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They're pretty good

I spent a year developing a Stratus hosted system back when they were 68xxx boxes. I only remember it going down twice. Both times that was because the computer room power supply was tripped out during a weekend. The Stratus backup batteries were flattened after several hours without mains power.

There was a Tandem NonStop machine in the same computer room and ironically, both the outages were caused by a major failure in its PSU.

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$50k a bit "ho-hum"?

Whilst I think the Stratus kit is actually very good and clever, the offer of only $50k is a bit miserly considering that these are supposed to be bizz crit machines. Do you waive your right to sue for losses if you take the deal? If a bizz crit service goes down in a financial institution (a prime target market for Stratus), the losses usually reach into the hundreds of thousands in very short time! I'd want a lawyer to look at all the small print before I took the offer.

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