back to article EU finally ratifies copyright treaty

The European Union has ratified an international agreement on copyright law which was first negotiated in 1996 and which has formed the basis of EU copyright law since 2001. The European Union and its member states have finally ratified two agreements created by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), the …


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Moved over RIAA

The RIAE is on it way!


Legal Personality

Before the Treaty of Lisbon came into force the other month, the EU lacked a Legal Personality meaning it was unable to sign or ratify treaties as itself. Now it can, meaning really this is just a bit of administrative tidying up and hardly big news


so link to the damn legal paper then

so Directly link to the damn EU paper then outlaw, or how are we to judge for ourselves if what you outline is a fair and accurate account of the story....

so were does this directive stand as regards renumeration and proof of commercial piracy?

as in How Exactly does an ISP end user "enforce [their] intellectual property rights in a fair, effective and proportionate way" Today under The Existing Copyrights and Privacy Torts: Compensation for Harm under this EU and UK related directives.

and how does this latest EU directive strenthen the Copyright

Criminal Liability for any Corp person that might consider signing off commiting Copyright Offences against consumers and their copyrighted datastreams without prior authority to do so for instance

what newest guidelines and practices have or will be put in place to UK Trading Standards Officers to make sure they also follow through on their mandate that Anyone involved in copyright theft (and that includes any involved Executives authorising such unlawful hardware puroses use ) now faces the threat of a criminal prosecution by a local authority trading standards department for commercial copyright infringement Piracy (as well as any other infringement) with the possibility of a maximum ten year prison sentence or unlimited fine For commercially profiting form consumers copyrighted content and derivative works there of without concent.

currenty before these new EU directives were ratified



Prosecutions for piracy will usually consist of trade

mark and/or copyright breaches and also conspiracy

to defraud. Consideration should also be given to use

of the Fraud Act 2006 when dealing with these



Section 107, Copyright, Designs and Patents Act


Elements of the Offence

The illegal activity must be in the course of a


"Section 107(1) A person commits an offence who,

without the licence of the copyright owner –

Section 107 (1) (a) makes for sale or hire, or



Section 107 (1) (c) possesses in the course of a

business with a view to committing any act

infringing the copyright,

Section 107 (1) (e) distributes otherwise than in the

course of a business to such an extent as to affect

prejudicially the owner of the copyright,

an article which is, and which he knows or has reason

to believe is, an infringing copy of a copyright work.

Section 107 (1) (a), (b), (d), (iv) and (e) above are all either

way offences for which a maximum sentence of ten

years’ imprisonment and / or an unlimited fine are

available by way of penalty on indictment.


in the case of Virgin Media and their partners Defica for instance,

a clear case of covert wiretaping and diverting consumer owned copyright Unique datastreams for commerial profit without prior authorisition of the copyright owner it seems.

"Their system starts by using fibre taps to pick off traffic from an appropriate part of the ISP network. They use a fibre tap rather than “port mirroring” to make it easier for the ISP to be sure that they won’t disrupt any traffic."


So does this mean

that copyright terms in Europe will now follow the US convention of life-of-the-author until heat-death of the universe, allowing a creator's great-great-great-great-great-granchildren to freeload through life because some centuries-dead ancestor wrote a bloody song?

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