back to article Red Hat opens up Spice desktop virtualisation protocol

In keeping with its practice of eventually open sourcing the software technologies it acquires or creates, commercial Linux distributor Red Hat has said that it has let go of the code behind the Spice protocol. This was a key ingredient of the Solid ICE desktop virtualisation platform that it got its hands on when it bought KVM …


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Not accurate about Fedora

"The focal point for Spice development is, not the Fedora Project where Red Hat's Linuxes get bolted together before being hardened for the commercial RHEL releases."

This really is not an accurate description of the goals or the actual character of the Fedora project. Of course Fedora is used as a source of components for RHEL releases, but the two differ significantly in goals and focus, and Fedora is certainly not solely a pre-release of RHEL.

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