back to article EU rolls out out astroturf guide for consumer laws

Social networking sites and blogs can be governed by the European Union's Unfair Commercial Practices Directive, according to new guidance published by the European Commission. The guidance has been published to help countries and companies comply with a piece of legislation that poses "a number of challenges", according to …


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A society can only thrive if its based on trust. Voom! Gone. It's been replaced with:

"It's OK for me to lie because everyone else does it."

No they don't, only those with whom you associate, you weak willed git.

"When I do something illegal or immoral it's OK because I've thought it through and hey, nobody gets hurt."

Yes they do. You do for starters. Slowly but surely you bend your 'rules' that much further, and become the thing you hate most. Untrustworthy. And you blame everyone else/society/stupid laws* but not yourself. You weak willed git.

This applies equally to individuals and corporations.

* Some laws are stupid. To make some laws work we'd need an amendment for each individual that falls under the jurisdiction of that law. So, they have to be aggregated to affect most people in the most appropriate way. The benefits of everyone following them, although not always immediately obvious, are usually there. Speeding for example.

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Seems perfectly reasonable...

...just look at software downloads from the likes of Cnet.

You can pretty much be certain the first post will a 5 star one. Pros, does everything I need, Cons: Non.

After 10 reviews they have a habit of being 3 or lower....


Keep off

Here we go again- if the Brits want to regulate something then fine- but why should the EU interfere? How many British customers go to a French comparison site to decide on the cheapest supermarket in France (Actually there isn't one since the French still stick to retail price maintenance!). They might not have noticed that there are a whole bunch of different languages and cultures. Perhaps they ought to insist everyone speaks English as well.



Maybe they should insist that the UK complies with European Law.

And maybe, just maybe, everyone should speak more than just the one language.

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@Keep off

So there would be no problem with VW or BMW secretly paying Jeremy Clarkson to make sure their cars always won, or Ryanair owning a share in tripadvisor to make sure their excellent airline was always voted top?

After all they are foreign companies, nothing to do with us.


A number of challenges?

That sounds exciting! That sounds like... like... like maybe I've been watching a certain TV show too much, actually.

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