back to article Cisco says Tandberg borging underway

When the Cisco mothership is at your door, you have one of two choices: be assimilated quickly or slowly. After looming over the Norwegian video conferencing equipment maker Tandberg for the past two months, Cisco Systems said Friday it now has scooped up enough shares and shareholder commitments to take the company over. …


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History shows us..

...that a better translation is: "So there will be no low-priced competition."

It's not just Cisco, in the corporate world, the big fish eat the little fish.

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Tandberg's portfolio is aging crap anyway... who cares

As an engineer with inside information. This was a terrible idea by Tandberg. The technology from Tandberg isn't worth that kind of money and their products often get the customer response of "Oh yeh... we've got one of those double big-screen Tandberg conference room systems in our conference rooms but we still use voice conferencing instead because we're scared we'll break it".

It's your tax money buying these things because most countries have been giving tax breaks to large companies that "Do things to cut down on their business travel" in order to be more "Green'. So they spend a few hundred thousand dollars on a video conferencing system they'll try twice and let rot, then tell the government they spent $4 million deploying a system to be more environmentally friendly and then write off a hundred thousand more than they spent from their taxes.

If they wanted a real solution, they'd have bought Skype, designed conference room hardware for it and then they would have at least had an easy to deploy solution which any user could figure out.

What they bought instead is a company with 1400 people, about 900 of them sales people who can sell the hell out of a system without even knowing the resolution of the screen.

Great job guys.

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