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The best time to sell someone pain relief is when they are hurting, and so it was back in the 90s, when the first wave of ERP software was offered to customers to ease their suffering from point solution chaos and broken automation. The next best time to sell medication, of course, is when someone is looking forward to some …


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Data management

"...inefficiencies and inconsistencies in the way information is managed and used"

A bit off topic, but this reminds me of an amusing statistic I read many years ago (back in the late 80's / early 90's I think). It was a study conducted by Fujitsu (if my memory serves me correctly) which concluded that 70% of all data stored (whether it be on a computer, on paper, whatever) is effectively irretrievable, or the cost of retrieval outweighs the value of the data.

I wonder if this has changed at all. And in which direction?


You said what ?

We won’t dwell on the problems here in terms of user productivity....Paragraph that didn't go far enough

The bottom line is that we have far to many people looking at stats, who have a poor grasp of the subject and spend their entire time trying to improve the stats, not the underlying business issues. That leads to the coalface workers working to improve stats not improving performance or solving problems.

This leads to massive fail, good tools to enable this are not such a smart idea


Tools Exist!

Have a look at It is an extensible collaborative framework incorporating Db with sophisticated logic and distributed processing capacity.

The paradigm is clearly shifting. A few monolithic minds may still hold forth that they are the only people capable of analyzing data, but as the "medium is the message" makes its way into academia it becomes "Data is more powerful than the study". Increasingly data is being repurposed and taken into consideration in ways unimagined by the data collector, much to our advantage.

What is being called "ERP" is actually now capable of wholistic simulations of previously intangible phenomenon.

I'm completely excited by the interoperability of data between entities and the novel conclusions now possible.

Freedom sounds too open ended. Yes it is free, and yes it is being 'trapped' more often by more people. Many to many relationships with children of children is the new data paradigm in our integrated world and I hope it ties so many factors together that the 'business world' finally realizes that peace is the answer, pollution is poor design, profit means more than money.

Our world can't wait any longer. We are the solution.

One last thing from Joseph Cambell :

To make the world a better place, teach people how to live in it.

I believe that Bucky Fuller will be seen by future generations as the first critical thinker of a new age of understanding. All hail data freedom.

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