back to article SD cards to get 300MB/s bus

The guardians of the SD memory card specification announced version 3.0 of the technology less than a year ago, but that hasn't stopped them talking up version 4.0 already. SDXC, launched on 7 January 2009, takes the card's capacity to 2TB and ups the maximum data transfer rate at the bus to 104MB/s. SD 4.0 - which will also …


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2 TB ??

There is not going to be any 2 TB SD cards anytime soon, or any 1 TB cards or even any 256 GB cards. Would be nice though. My new computer could just a few SD card slots. Think of the possibilities. Boot from SD, back up to SD. Store your laptop seperate from its bootable SD card so if its stolen u don't loose your data. Anyway who could afford a 2 TB SD card ??

Paris Hilton

May it crush blu-ray!

May it crush blu-ray and other horrible oversized scratchy media that requires a dedicated player to play!

The higher end SD cards are almost caught up to blu-ray capacity, and will easily outsize them within a year. I look forward to watching movies off these instead of forking out a (few?) hundred quid for a player.

A load of companies seem to be all about the green recently too, that is, the environment and nature. I'm sure these reusable badboys are far better for the environment than thousands of bl-ray players and the single use optical media that come with them.

Paris because she knows all about making movies...

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