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Acer has been successful in the laptop market by building low-cost, efficient computers that deliver the goods for less dosh than many of its big-brand brethren. When it first began manufacturing smart phones earlier this year, we had high hopes that they'd be able to pull of the same trick. Yet, Acer’s first four Windows Mobile …


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AcerBate Touch

£165 for a pile of pap doesn't strike me as being particularly cheap. It's not a trifling amount of cash to offload on a whim*.

You could buy second-rate gadgets for a lot less if you really wanted to. It'd be wiser to put it towards something else though, a £20 phone maybe? Then you've got £145 to spend on something else (like a diary).

*MPs & bankers excluded of course

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You can buy T-Mobile Pulse for 140quid, which has a proper mobile OS (Android) not that silly MSFT abomination. Also it offers much more for less cash.

I wonder how could you give it 45% if the whole article just says how bad it is?

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