back to article Nokia sues LCD makers over price-fixing

Nokia has filed a lawsuit against eight display manufacturers over claims they colluded to fix prices for LCDs used in mobile phones. The lawsuit, filed November 25 in federal court in San Francisco, California, is grounded in the US Department of Justice's antitrust allegations of the same nature. Companies named in Nokia's …


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Yeah well...

....can I get back part of the money I paid Nokia for the mobile which must have included the price for the apparently overly expensive LCD?



Nobody bothers to turns the anti-competition laws against the oil companies who meet together to fix prices in something called "OPEC".


Price fixing

If Nokia are successful does that mean that I can then sue Nokia for a cut of the damages they receive because I had to pay extra for my Nokia handset?

Or do I just add my claim to Nokia's and sue the LCD manufacturers?

How about a class action lawsuit from each country against the LCD manufacturers and the proceeds are donated to charity?

Grenade....because I'd like to see this go bang!

Paris Hilton

@Steve Evans


Small point: OPEC is an organisation consisting of countries not oil companies.

Oh, and they don't set the price of oil - only their own production quotas.

Oh, and even if anti-competition laws applied to countries (which they don't) they wouldn't apply to OPEC because there are plenty of other oil producing countries that are not members of OPEC.

But apart from all these points you're spot on.

/Paris because when asked about man's use of oil, she replied "Oh pecs. Definitely on the pecs."

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Natuzzi... all the big guys are at it.What a rip off


Retailer notifies competition watch-dog about “consumers being ripped-off”

Preston furniture retailer Cresta Furniture Limited has today complained to the Office of Fair Trading that consumers are paying artificially inflated prices for Natuzzi furniture because of unlawful price fixing arrangements operated in the United Kingdom by the Italian furniture manufacturer.

The Office of Fair Trading has been provided with evidence of how Natuzzi took steps to ensure that consumers could not obtain furniture at prices lower than those set by Natuzzi, including a secret recording of a meeting of distributors in Manchester on 9 April 2008 where Natuzzi sought agreement that consumers would not be offered Natuzzi furniture at prices less that the recommended retail price less 20%.

Cresta has also brought a claim against Natuzzi for unlawful price fixing as Natuzzi has tried to stop Cresta selling its furniture at prices lower than those set by Natuzzi. At a hearing in the High Court Mr Justice Briggs remarked to Cresta’s legal advisors “Take it as read that your materials have thus far persuaded me that it is an arguable case that they are trying to force you as a reluctant independent into a price fixing arrangement which they wish to have in place with all their UK distributors…..”

Cresta has distributed Natuzzi furniture for the last seventeen years. “We have always sought to provide our customers with what they want – high quality furniture at the best price” remarked Cresta spokesman Neil Stewart `We believe in the benefits of free competition, price fixing is unlawful, Cresta will not be party to ripping off customers`

The Office of Fair Trading has the power to investigate and fine any company engaging in unlawful price fixing. Consumers who have suffered loss as a result of unlawful price fixing may seek compensation for their loss. “Thousands of consumers may have paid thousands of pounds more than they needed to for the Natuzzi furniture that they have bought. We have asked the Office of Fair Trading to take immediate action to end unlawful price fixing by Natuzzi. Consumers must be protected” remarked Mr.Stewart.

Natuzzi SpA is Italy’s largest furniture manufacturer with a turnover of €660m. Cresta is an independent retailer based in Preston, Lancashire .Natuzzi sells its furniture through Harrods, Selfridges, House Of Fraser, Barker and Stonehouse, Natuzzi owned stores and various other independent retailers.

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