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For this week, the last in this workshop series, we were looking at the near-future, with particular focus on how we deliver server resources and a central question – are we any closer to the nirvana of dynamic IT delivery? I’d love to say we’ve learned a lot from your feedback. What we can say is this is not an area that …


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Silos & Server Huggers

Jon, Interesting poll and assessment. I found similar issues in my experiences both inside and outside Intel. Regardless of how big or small organizations are, barriers get built and they are hard to knock down - and as IT professionals and business leaders, we must if we want to do what is right for business.

I wrote a blog on this topic and highlighted an ROI tool that the Intel IT finance used to drive awareness and ultimately alignment across multiple business and IT disciplines to gain support and capital dollars for Intel IT to invest in server refresh during 2009.

Despite the fact that Server Refresh is the biggest driver of business value inside our 8 year Data Center Strategy, the economic conditions caused us to stop what we knew was best for our business.

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