back to article Riverbed going virtually into public cloud

WAN optimiser Riverbed has announced virtual Steelhead for the cloud and a way to speed up iSCSI data traffic. Riverbed's Steelhead is a physical appliance that sites inline at the entry/exit port to a data centre and speeds wide area network (WAN) traffic to and from the data centre. It co-operates with another Steelhead at …


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Empty promises

Having years of personal experience with Riverbed and other vendors in the space, I can't believe they're still trying to make the outrageous and unfounded claims of bandwidth and latency savings that they are. They might as well claim to accelerate the speed of light while their at it.

Riverbed has been pretty lost for the last two years since no one decided to buy them, which was all they were hoping for in the beginning. Epic fail.

Anonymous Coward

Captain Scoff may eat his words

This is actually pretty exciting stuff. There will be some merit in the announcement and it will be interesting to see numbers once people start using it. Even if only a small part of the full announcement is 100% accurate, it will be worth it.

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