back to article Oracle begs EC for more time

The European Competition Commission is extending the deadline set for Oracle to provide evidence that its proposed takeover of Sun Microsystems will not damage competition for European consumers. Oracle now has until 27 January to present its defence of the takeover and its reaction to the Commission's statement of objections …


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the EU should be ashamed

Clearly the EU have no concern for the European employees who are now subject to the current round of 3000 lay offs at Sun which have been initiated as a direct result of the EU lack of decision & delay

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"Oracle begs EC for more time"

Good headline, if completely misleading.

From the sounds of the story, the EC is doing whatever it can to help get the deal done without losing any more face, but still meeting it's concerns. That hardly sounds like Oracle is begging the EC for more time.

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Hold on a sec!

Didn't Larry complain this was costing him $100m a month? And that the EU was the hold up? So, how come he needs more time if it's so cut-n-dried? Oh, it was because he just thought he could ram it through regardless. Larry says there's no competition problem, so the EU should have just got back in their box. Lol! Still, I never saw any actual figures to back up the $100m claim.

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