back to article IBM greases mainframe app pipe

IBM is sweeping cobwebs off big iron with a host of new software products and updates aimed at streamlining maintenance and squeezing more workloads out of the System z mainframe. The company said System z has renewed life as a platform for its cost-cutting and consolidation values, but alas, software today requires better …


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Black Helicopters

The IBM way

The IBM sub-brands - Tivoli, WebSphere, Lotus, Rational - continue to delude CIOs into thinking they're buying a coherent suite. Those of us who've actually kicked the tyres know that they're all just disjoint grab-bags of randomly branded pieces, some in-house and some acquired - that may or may not work together.

What you actually get are lots of barely cooperating software components that require oodles of professional services to install and integrate, then years of global services to operate! Because no-one else can work out how.

Seriously, who continues to fall for this crap.

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