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The new version of Opera Mobile, available for Symbian since the beginning of the month, is now available for Windows Phones too. Opera Mobile 10 is still officially a beta release, but seems stable enough and the addition of Turbo alone makes the download worthwhile. A better interface and the ability to use more than three …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    More than 3 Tabs?

    You could have more than 3 tabs on the previous version of Opera Mobile on WM6 phones, it was configurable through using opera:config in the address bar and searching for the maximum tabs setting.

  2. Patrick O'Reilly


    Hopefully it will be released on Android soon, JvT said a while back they would be releasing a native version for Android.

    Opera Mini for Android is ok, but not as good as the pure J2ME version.

    Opera Mini 9.5b for UIQ was great so the addition of Turbo will blow the others out of the water. Hope they bring widgets too.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Non-touchscreen WM Phones

    Have a HTC S620 Excalibur/T-Mobile Dash. Downloaded the cab - all installed fine. Stuck on the license screen as I can't select Accept as the pointer won't go down far enough....

    The system doesn't support non-touchscreens...

    Oh well - back to IE.

  4. MrCeri

    Windows Mobile version requires touch screen

    @Peter Flynn - I had the same issue - CAB installed fine, but couldn't accept license agreement on my SPV E650 (Orange branded HTC S710).

    The Eddie Izzard lookalike from the Opera confirms that a touch screen is required on their support forum:

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Opera for EPOC

    It must be about 10 years ago that I was opening multiple pages in one browser on my Psion PDA! It's funny how progress is often a case of two steps forward, one step back.

  6. AceRimmer

    Turbo Mode Location

    using turbo mode makes any location aware websites you visit, e.g. bbc news. plonk you in the USA

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Not necessarily. The proxies you go through depends where in the world you are and how you're connecting to the Internet. If you're in North America, you can expect to go through Opera's servers in the US. If you're in Europe you can expect to go through the Norwegian proxies.

    I can't remember if there are any in the far east yet, but I'm sure Opera will add servers to new regions as their user bases grow.

  8. Greg J Preece

    Oooh, new beta

    The old one is pretty nice on my WM phone, think that's 9.7 beta. Have they decided not to finish that version and gone straight to 10?

    Going to download it now. Want to see if they've got rid of the annoying slowdown bug in the Google search bar. If they have, that will be mint - Opera 8 blew goats, Opera 9 was a massive improvement with a couple of bugs, hopefully Opera 10 will be what I've been waiting for.

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