back to article MS store staff in spontaneous electric boogie

Those of you who object to a) Microsoft, b) California and c) effusive Yanks gushing complete and utter cobblers are advised to look away now, because what follows is really going to put a downer on your day. Introducing Brad Slavin, who just happened to be in a shopping mall in Mission Viejo, unaware he was about to …


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  1. rogue lj

    Jesus Fucking Christ.

    I made 38 seconds....

  2. Hans

    Where's Michael Winner?

    Calm down dear, its only a commercial

  3. Your alien overlord - fear me


    the best spontinaity is that which is pre-planned and rehearsed.

  4. Evil_Trev


    This is one of those so called 'viral' ads. Excuse me while I puke up.

    Thats better.

    Anyone getting that 'excited' about computer software needs executed. At least Apple do make some hardware stuff so having real shops might make some sort of sense, MS would be better of doing mail order and selling through established chains.

    Hang on a sec....

  5. GreyCells

    Like watching your Dad dance at a wedding

    To quote Mr Royle: "Spontaneous, my arse"...

  6. Anonymous Coward


    Work for microsoft , work for our store, you are our store monkey now. Dance monkey dance! Dance and smile for your money! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Do you like it monkey? Dance some more! HAHAHAHA!

  7. phil 21


    this is some sort of viral ad for win7 then ?

  8. Stephen Hunt


    Obviously the woman in green psyching everyone up at the start and throughout had nothing to do with it...

  9. NetMonkey
    Gates Horns

    Oh purrrrlleeease....

    Is Mr Slavin still a little wet behind the ears.....

  10. Chris 67
    Paris Hilton

    I predict

    Extreme over-usage of the WTF icon, so am going to wheel out Paris in an effort to bring balance to the commentard equilibrium.

  11. Mike Cardwell


    I feel physically ill

  12. S Larti

    I think you need...

    a vomit icon!

  13. Jimmy Floyd

    Don't blame Microsoft...

    ...blame the fuckwits who will actually buy into that effusive marketing crap.

    OK, DO blame Microsoft - but I'm just trying a different tack to the howling pack.

  14. Anonymous Coward

    Words fail me

    On the strength of that video, I want to a) vomit and b) get a refund on my copy of Windows 7.

    Can anybody imagine this happening in the UK?

    Reg, you need an option to insert "STOP", "WTF" and "FAIL" on the same message - none of them alone can do this topic justice.

  15. William Clark


    I am so glad I do not work there - being a Brit there are loads of things to be ashamed of but I am happy to be stuffy if it means we do not do this kind of stuff.

    If I had been in the store I as a customer, I would have walked out - those staff should be serving customers not doing some stupid corporate dance.

    Corporate culture - resist the crap!

  16. Mike Smith

    Not contrived. Of course not.

    Granted, they won't be troubling Len Goodman & co for some time to come, but if that was spontaneous, Windows is secure.

    This has got to be a shill. Not even a retarded Caliornian can be that gullible.

    Errr,at least I hope not.

  17. Mike Plowman

    Er, excuse me. I'd like to buy a copy of Windows Seven,

    Bloody hell. And I thought it was hard getting the staff's attention in PC World was hard!

  18. Mike Smith

    @rogue Ij

    I'm ashamed to say I got to the end. I'm off for a lie down.

    Drink, because I need one after that.

  19. TeeCee Gold badge
    Gates Horns


    "I need a little time to think it over."

    I think that this actually means:

    "I need a little time to count the huge wodge of cash in a brown envelope I've just found in my jacket pocket."

    I like to think the best of people, so I'm assuming that he's an intelligent bloke whose just taken a fat bung rather than the complete gushing arsehatted fanboi convert he comes across as.

  20. MattW

    My breakfast resurfaced

    Words (almost) fail me.

    What a nauseating experience I've just had - I couldn't force myself to watch to the end - make it go away.

  21. Stu_The_Jock


    Honestly NOT a cheap attempt to get some free publicity by having a "random former Mac man" who just happens to video it and post it online ?

  22. Scott Broukell

    @rogue lj

    you brave soul, I didn't even have the will / courage to even think about ever bothering to peek.

  23. Mr Larrington

    Brad Slavin?

    Get in the cannon.

  24. Paul Naylor
    Jobs Halo

    What Rogue LJ said

    I made 20 seconds. And my PC doesn't even have a sound card...

  25. Samuel Walker


    *Blink* *Blink again*

    Either that was an ImprovEverywhere stunt or Microsoft are desperate for publicity.

  26. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "looking over a precipice"

    Would surely suggest that the future is represented by a rather large fall?

  27. Fred Flintstone Gold badge

    Oh dear..

    Since when did MS merge with Scientology?

  28. Riscyrich


    ...for me I had my speakers turned off and hence managed 38.5 seconds

  29. Galaxy Bob

    Suspiciously in tune with one another.

    For something that didn't feel contrived or forced, they seem to have a good idea of what is required of them. My spidey sense says they videographer may just be an employee of the store.

  30. Robert Ramsay

    Can I be the first... suggest Mr. Slavin needs to get out more?

  31. Steve Brooks


    I once had the misfortune to go to dinner in Australia one day to a well know steak house that served, well....steak! It was all Amercanised right down to the staff uniform, cowboy hats, cowboy boots and cowboy shirts. And amazingly enough, right in the middle of serving, they all lined up in the middle of the floor and did a line dance, all smiling and happy and spontaneous. And I am sure, before starting work that night, the manager had given them a pep talk something along the lines of...."YOU WILL F&^%$#ING DANCE TONIGHT, AND YOU WILL LOOK F&^%$#ING HAPPY DOING IT, AND IF YOU DON'T LOOK F*&^%$#ING HAPPY DOING IT I AM GOING TO FIRE YOUR WORTHLESS F(*&^%ING A(*&^%$S INTO NEXT F&^%$#IING WEEK, F*&^%$ING GOT THAT?"

  32. Valerion

    I don't know what I'm shocked at more!

    The fact that MS has a store selling software, or that people actually went into it!

    The dancing I'm just passing off as evidence that they hired the staff from Disneyworld.

  33. This post has been deleted by its author

  34. Anonymous Coward

    Nuke 'em

    The horror! The horror!

  35. Ian Ferguson

    Mind bleach please

    I didn't even have my speakers on and couldn't bear more than thirty seconds of that.

    If anyone needs to get that horrific, inhuman monstrosity out of their head, google 'goatse' or 'jarsquatter'. You'll thank me.

  36. Piers

    Slavin reckons this display "did not seem forced nor contrived"

    Yeah right, just watch blue Tshirt over white long sleve cue them all in at 0:15. Over by the pillar.

    They're not a patch on the staff at Apple store Geneva where they are actually helping customers rather than dancing-like-ur-dad (along with the rest of Microsoft).

  37. alien anthropologist

    Oh well...

    .. I kept on waiting for a close up of the well endowed lass in the green T-shirt, but to no avail. (for pure alien scientific anthropology reasons I assure you)

    Seems like our esteemed blogger is not your typical red blooded male (or alien).. which also explains why got so excited when his fellow humans broke out in dance.

    Poor sod... (now where did I put that list of human candidates for alien anal probing...?)

  38. Rob 101

    only 38 seconds?

    Then you missed the nutter with what looks like a giant playing card on his head that joins in from outside. it's the only decent bit (48 seconds).

  39. max allan

    No, really, NO. Wrong on so many levels.

    Let me get this right, you're going to change your OS and hardware because you saw some people dancing in a shop???

    What other shopping decisions could be influenced like this? "Reggae Reggae sauce" maybe?

    How about all the Sony store employees all singing the current number one chart hit to get you to buy Sony or the Bose store people putting on a "spontaneous" performance of "West Side Story" to make you buy overpriced hifi.

    Do the great unwashed masses really base their high value purchasing decisions on the flimflam of advertising and marketing ??? I despair for the human race.

    (As opposed to a bit of research and actually using the product in the shop)

    This is so obviously planned, practiced and rehearsed. You can see some background shoppers trying to join in and see what happens with real "spontaneous" dancing. They all do different moves at different times.

  40. Smallbrainfield
    Thumb Down


    Being made to dance in a shop as part of your job would probably be a mitigating factor if you bought some guns and went mad in a mall.

  41. hugh

    inmates in brightly coloured clothes forced to dance agains their will

    they've ripped off the Cebu Prison guys

  42. Neil T


    That's some tasty tasty astroturf right there.

    Credit where it's due to Microsoft for being so brazen about it. You've got to admire that level of shamelessness.

  43. Nick Hauxwell
    Gates Horns

    My Eyes....

    I felt nausea from the clapping...

    I am out at 21 secs... need bleach to wash my eyes and ears...

  44. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    It's hard for me to judge, as I have no use for Microsoft products in any case, but is it now getting to the point that people who want to buy Windows are finding that it is just too embarrassing to have anything to do with it?

    I suppose they can always get it by mail order in a plain brown packet and use it at home with the curtains drawn.

  45. criscros

    5 minutes??

    No, the dance routine is absolutely contrived and fake. There must be something wrong with that guy's brain.

    My first thought was, they better be paying those employees of theirs _very_ well.

  46. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's just a jump to the left ...

    Lets do the Time Warp AGAIN!

  47. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Sounds like it to me

  48. Montybank


    yeah, like that fat bloke in the blue shirt spontaneously breaks well choreographed song all the time... the only thing he'll ever do spontaneously is combust, and this is from one fat bloke to another.

    I couldn't watch it all, I didn't want to have to clean vomit off my computer...


    MS and this blogger twit should be ashamed of themselves...

  49. thomas k.
    Thumb Up


    That was pretty amazing, actually. Not so much that they did it at all but that they went at it for so long that several customers, ensnared no doubt by the hypnotic rythm, felt compelled to join in the bizarre ritual.

    They must have rehearsed a few times, though.

  50. Lee Dowling Silver badge

    No! Please! My eyes!

    And please: what utter tosh. Spontaneous my backside.

    And no serious blogger would use those phrases. Just because someone makes a "bold move to capture market share" (isn't that the POINT of having a company?) doesn't mean you ditch orders and convert. In fact, such "conversion" makes your opinion EVEN LESS important in my opinion - anyone who can be swayed by dancing pillocks in a store within an hour obviously hasn't sat down and considered all the angles, the same as anyone who signs a contract on the doorstep. Mac order cancelled or not, you're a fool to order something that you could be talked out of wanting within a short trip to a store you didn't know about.

    "Its easy to see that Microsoft primarily is a software company committed to changing the world through technical innovation" is one quote from his blog. I think that says it all. The only shame is that he's going to get hits on his blog for this.


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