back to article Touch controls floated by Infragistics for Microsoft's Surface

A trial set of controls to build touch-based applications with input from different users on Microsoft's Surface have been released by interface specialist Infragistics. The company is expected to today announce three types of controls have been customized for Surface and are available under a Community Technology Preview (CTP …


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Barrels meet foot.

"I feel strongly about touch and multi touch. Anything we do here long term makes sense."

I'm sure that there's a large and well-known bunch of rapacious lawyers in Cupertino to whom it will make perfect sense. They could probably do with a new yacht each.....


"rollout the table to 158 hotels"

Meanwhile Apple, more famous for style than technology, have pushed about about 50 million+ multi-touch devices in the form of iPod Touch, iPhones and all the new Apple notebooks.

You get the feeling that Microsoft under Ballmer need to claim 'look we can demo this too' rather than just getting on with putting practical solutions in the hands of punters.

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