back to article Wall-punching Brit gamer foams (milk) at the mouth

We don't know what the gamers among you make of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, but here's one young Brit's analysis of it after an evidently intense 17 hour session at the console (NSFW): Well, suffice it to say that since posting his thoughtful critique last week, this petulant young man has become a bit of a YouTube …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    17 hours? Only took me 5hrs 48mins...

    Jeez. I thought it was pretty good...

  2. Anonymous Coward


    Is that first one even old enough to be playing it?

  3. Pirate Dave


    video games don't cause violence and depression in pubescent youths. There must be some mistake...

  4. Anonymous Coward

    What ...

    A complete fucking nutter.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    We are doomed ...

    not by Al-Qaueda, the Bankers or the Politicos but by this. No icon as there isn't one suitable for this Singularity of Stupidity.

  6. Lee 7


    Seriously W.T.F?????

  7. Scott Mckenzie

    I understand his frustration..

    ...he clearly has a PS3.

    That would be enough to make me want to hit a wall too!

  8. Conor Turton

    Here's a fiver....

    GO BUY A LIFE. Its a game FFS. What a bell end. 17 hours straight probably because he's got no mates and no bird and TBH if that's what the whiney little runt is like, he won't be getting any anytime soon.

    What a dick.

  9. James Hughes 1

    Some people need to get out more....

    And start punching some hoodies instead of the wall.

  10. Barry 3


    The question is: why play something you don't like for 17hrs?

    Anyone else spot the Carebear on the shelf behind him?

  11. Richard 39


    It's just a bloody computer game, that kid has issues, many issues. Is this what kids are like nowadays, crybaby self-harmers because they can't play a game??

    Get a hair cut, sort out your attitude and get a job you freak!

  12. Dave Ross


    I bought it at the weekend, and frankly it's been nothing but trouble.

    Unexpected crashes (taking down the whole system!) and on monday evening it stopped working altogether.

    Frankly, "must try harder"!

  13. Christopher Rogers

    I hate

    the fucking internets.

  14. Georgees

    Best thing is...

    He's 19. He's an adult.

    Also, he may have done it on vet first time around which would have taken him a bit longer. 17hrs seems a bit much though.

  15. JetSetJim Silver badge

    Errr... + @Rating

    If he didn't like it, why did he play it for 17 hours straight? Not surprising that he's a bit upset at having wasted all that money & time, but then again the sequence of him punching the wall obviously shows his pain threshold is higher than most folks so maybe he didn't mind playing a game he didn't like.

    As to the age issue, his YouTube account says he's ner-ner-ner-19, so that's ok.

  16. Jon Double Nice

    I just can't get enough

    Modern Warfare 2, it's super awesome online on PS3.

    I haven't freaked out on any milk yet though.

  17. petrolhead


    What a bampot. Someone needs to send the men in white coats round.

    Alien, because you can see the resemblance.

  18. Steve Pettifer


    Mental. Surely you'd know if the game wasn't for you within a couple of hours at most. That dude needs to get outside and join the real world. Or be sectioned. Or both.

  19. Ron Murray

    Seriously ...

    This kid needs help.

  20. Anonymous Coward


    ....this tool has his own webs(h)ite, google 'jono11' and prepare to have intense feelings of hatred overwhelm you!

    It's the teeth that give him away....

  21. R 4

    He feels upset.

    Now I am depressed.

  22. Anonymous Coward

    @Pirate Dave

    I TOTALLY AGREE WIF YOUR ENLIGHTENED POINT OF VIEW! That poor yoof never saw it coming! Our yoofs need to be protected from predatory vidya game studios. And soon, before all our plaster walls have little knuckle dimples in them.

    inb4 brigade of commenters posting their standard drivel about personal responsibility, nanny state... LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU!

  23. Bob H


    Someone has bigger issues I think....

  24. Robin 1

    All those violent games and the boy still can't punch properly.

    The boy needs to learn how to punch properly. Between the first and second knuckle, son. Anything else nets you a broken hand.

  25. Cameron Colley


    Why play a game you don't like?

    Why do you care if you finish a game?

    Why does drinking milk have anything to do with a game?

    Why punch a wall and not break the game?

    Why put the video up on YouTube?

    Why is this guy allowed to be without a care worker long enough to make this video?

    In fact, just why?

    With any luck he's already topped himself after listening to a pop song he hates for 48 hours straight.

  26. Valerion

    He's 19??!!

    Holy shit, this person can VOTE! And serve on a Jury!

  27. Anonymous Coward

    Mmmm ... milky milky?

    laaaverly :D

  28. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    Drugs are bad, mkay?

    That, children, is why drugs are bad.

    Sadly, there's no icon for the dole office. If you're gonna post a video of yourself losing the plot because a game is too hard, don't apply for a job in IT.

    You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting.

  29. Anonymous Coward

    Our armed forces - fighting for our way of life. Yeesh.

    I bet our boys & girls in Iraq and Afghanistan feel better knowing that this tard is gettin so angry about the state of modern warfare. No... wait....

  30. Alex 32

    Erm.. Guys/Gals...!

    This is a pisstake..

    It's not him being serious.. I would have thought the Pi55TakeFilms banner would have been noted..

    You have all failed. Goodbye

  31. Anonymous Coward


    Took me just under six hours, including the airport massacre, I was going slowly.

    This chap however appears to be a prime candidate to bee seen on the news wondering around the streets, in only his underpants weilding an axe at passing pensioners.

    But do not concern yourself, according to the old bill and govt, these are extremely rare cases

  32. Frank 6
    Thumb Down


    it has its uses.

  33. JasonH
    Paris Hilton


    I would like to sit in on his job interviews in years to come, when the interviewer has done his background research (i.e. Googled the candidate's name) and found this video. Whatever he tries to do, wherever he goes, this clip will haunt him for some many, many years to come.

    And he made it himself. And posted it himself.

    What a twat...

    Paris, well, because she knows how to make a video clip...

  34. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @Richard 39

    You see one kid acting like an idiot and assume that all kids are like that?

    Fail for that and double fail for not spotting it's a spoof.

  35. Alex 14

    Funny to begin with...

    but I bet you it's just a viral ad: "I hate Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2! Hear me unnaturally state the title in full and hold up the box for pointless illustration!"

    I hereby confiscate all lulz relating to it, past and present.

  36. sychosis


    It really upsets me to see he is a fellow villa supporter.

  37. Josh 15
    Thumb Up


    This is *exactly* what the interwebz was invented for.

  38. Tom 15


    This kid is absolutely mental; I mean what sane person thought World at War was any good?

  39. serviceWithASmile

    just one thing i'm wondering about

    did that make anyone else want to vomit?

    and one other thing.... to the load of people who posted various "i completed it in 3hours 12 minutes and 3 nanoseconds while having a wank and asphyxiating myself" that's firstly nothing to be proud of and secondly not a good thing in terms of the game. And it makes you look like fools.... pay £45 ~ £55 for 6 hours of gameplay that is apparently extremely easy to beat, and the (frankly) generic multiplayer?

    The only reason everyone keeps going on about this game is because activision spent more money than god has hyping it up. It's nothing special its just another bloody FPS. and a sequel at that.


  40. Paul RND*1000


    Let's not be too hard on the chap. Even if he's for real, compared to most of the people who post comments on YouTube, he's really quite lucid, rational and level-headed.

    I mean really, reading most YouTube comments makes me wish I could somehow steer this entire planet into the heart of the sun.

  41. Anonymous Coward

    sh*t on the villa

    What a nut job.

    Was he playing the short single player campaign for 17 hours straight? or was he trying to level up in multi player?

    He didn't look old enough to be playing the game as it is - I'm sure he lied about his age on youtube so he can see rude vids anyway! :D

  42. Lawrence 7


    OOF That was pretty grim, and I doubt it was a spoof. Even if it was it was far too much. Its funny how on the internet everyone is a cunt, but thought el reg commentards had a bit more to them than to join a world wide chorus of putting a fucked up kid down.

    The Response video is piss funny, however.


  43. Tech Hippy

    Fail... - 'My Popular Life'


  44. MeRp
    Thumb Down

    suprisingly weak...

    It seems that, with the extent of this young man's pugilistic efforts towards his domicile, there would be greater damage to the wall.

  45. Chika

    Badgers badgers badgers badgers...

    The first vid... yeah. The next version will probably show up as "I've been playing PINGAS for 17 hours straight" or something like that, if it hasn't already. To be honest, he deserves nothing less.

    The second vid... well, it's a giggle!

  46. Cameron Colley

    RE: Erm.. Guys/Gals...!

    Then colour me fooled. Frankly I'd not expected someone to go to the length of making their hands up to look like they punched a wall for such a dull and largely unfunny video. Is it a skit, is there a genre I'm missing out on?

  47. Pirate Dave


    Heh. I guess I'm old now and have my own teenage kids and think about these things more. It was a rather pitiful display.

    my guess is he kept getting his ass fragged online by young(er) punks, and after 17 hours was ready to blow. Prolly needs a nappy change and a warm bottle and he'd go right off to sleep.

  48. Jonathan McComb

    Ebbeh....... *blink*

    The tit in the first vid is proof why people should have to pass a psychological examination, before being allowed to have access to the big wide, unfiltered internet....

    An intelligence test should be mandatory to access to a pc as well.. an IQ of 70 should keep folk like him from causing irreversible harm to others :D

  49. Anonymous Coward

    give a retard.....

    give a retard a camera and youtube and this is what you get....

  50. Rod S

    Masculinity fail

    Real or for show, no real man would act like that, especially if he's an adult. Bring him to South Africa and we'll sort him out, we have aliens :-)


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