back to article Orange touts free tweets

UK operator Orange has signed a deal to push out tweets for free, though sending them will cost as usual. The deal means that Twitter users can receive alerts from their followed-themes by SMS message, and even upload pictures to their own feed via MMS (at 30p a pop) which Orange will host, automatically sending out a link to …


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  1. Number6

    Taking a Hit

    How much does it actually cost the network to send out a million text messages? They might not get paid for them, but how many of that million will generate follow-on incoming texts that do generate revenue?

    I think T-Mobile are the only UK network now who don't play nice with Twitter.

  2. Tom Chiverton 1

    Doesn't work

    I just keep getting a message back (after setting up username and password) saying 'it's been a while, send tweet again'. Useless.

  3. Ben Tasker Silver badge

    Re: Taking a Hit

    I think T-Mobile are the only UK network now who don't play nice with Twitter.#

    That's not a bad thing. Although they say free, they will recoup the costs elsewhere, given that Twitter is a waste of time and bandwidth, it's nice to have at least one operator who isn't charging slightly more for Voice, Data or text in order to recoup the cost of supporting the latest fad.

    Asbestos jacket, because insulting twitter comes under Fire regs

  4. John Macintyre

    unlimited texts?

    Surely half their pay-monthly packages are all unlimited anyway, so other than mms this must all be free right?

  5. The Original Ash


    Sending and receiving SMS messages costs the network absolutely nothing; It's built into Signalling System 7, and is part of the signal responsible for initiating and clearing voice connections.

    The network infrastructure would be no less congested without SMS, and being able to charge for them is 100% profit.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Texting DOES cost users

    Re: "submitting updates will be charged for at the normal SMS rate (or, more likely, deducted from the bundle)"

    Unfortunately this isn't the case. The twitter number you text begins 07624, which is an Isle of Man number. Most providers do not include texts or calls to this number in their bundle plan, and so users get charged per text message they send to Twitter.

    I found this out the hard way a while back when I received my mobile bill.

    Please don't make things up when writing about things which incur costs for readers, if you don't know then don't speculate.

  7. Was Steve


    TMo have only just started playing ball with Farcebook, I wouldn't have thought Twitter will be that far away, especially in the context of the Orabile merger.

  8. Ventilator

    Not an IoM number

    @AC 14:01 07624 is not an Isle of Man number you muppet! It's allocated to Manx Telecom (meaning they have the rights to use it) but the 07 number range is reserved for personal numbers, paging and mobile telephony, so texts to this number will be part of bundles.

    The Isle of Man area code, if you're interested, is 01624.

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Never using Orange again....

    Orange have gone seriously downhill since Hans Snook had left them following the takeover by France Telecom. There's nothing innovative about them anymore, and even their 3G network is nowhere as extensive as 3's (despite their £4 million advertising campaign claiming they have the best)

    .........and not to mention that they cut off my pay as you go SIM card without even a warning letter or whatever, just like O2 did with a SIM they originally sold as a 'pay up front for life' deal.. yeah right.

    A big red heart.. because, I'm happily using the big red network!

  10. Tom Chiverton 1

    @Anonymous Coward

    "twitter number you text begins 07624"

    No it doesn't, it's a 5 digit short code... dunno who you've been texting !

  11. Ventilator
    Thumb Up

    More like it...

    "@Anonymous Coward #

    By Tom Chiverton 1 Posted Tuesday 17th November 2009 15:32 GMT

    "twitter number you text begins 07624"

    No it doesn't, it's a 5 digit short code... dunno who you've been texting !"

    Now that makes more sense, since most (all?) mobile networks charge for texts to short codes.

  12. Anonymous Coward

    07624 numbers

    Guys, please check you know what you're talking about beforehaving a pop. I was the original AC at 14:01

    07624 is not included in bundles, i've been charged for it. I have bills which show this.

    Yes, 01624 is the Isle of Man. 07624 is Manx Telecom (hmm, i wonder where they're based, and why i'm charged for texts to that number and not to other 07 numbers .... let me see ...No, i give up, not even Google could help me with that ....)

    Yes, you can use short codes for Twitter, but from the docco on the Twitter support pages see the following - "We currently support 2-way (sending and receiving) Twitter SMS via short codes and 1-way (sending only) via long codes ... In the UK, use 86444 (we currently only support Vodafone and Orange)"

    Then, read on and see the following - "Long codes for 1-way Twitter SMS: +44 7624 801423" followed by "Charges for using our short codes are the same as standard text messaging rates to full-length phone numbers"

    The above is all available here -

    So thanks guys, neither me or my bank manager have imagined these charges, or the number I've used (I'm not on Orange or Vodafone). If the short code isn't billed at the same price as the "ordinary" SMS number I'll be surprised, but i guess you'll let me know.

  13. Anonymous Coward

    Examples of charges to 07624

    Just to follow up on the point that all 07 numbers are charged equally (particularly 07624, as that's the one Twitter uses if you can't use short codes), well, they're not;

    Vodafone has 07624 on their premium list of numbers;

    Their explanation goes as follows - "Not all numbers beginning 07 are standard mobile phone numbers – for example, international calling cards start with 07. Calls to these numbers are charged at higher rates than calls to standard mobile phone numbers. When dialling, please be aware of the charges associated with the following prefixes."

    There will be equivalent tables for the other mobile providers, but you can find them yourselves if you care enough.

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