back to article Clove confirms Acer Liquid Android phone launch

Acer’s Liquid A1 smartphone will hit Blighty this month, it has emerged. Acer_A1 Acer's Liquid A1 smartphone: out later this month through Clove Said to be the world’s first smartphone to combine an 800 x 480 touchscreen with Qualcomm’s 1GHz Snapdragon processor and version 1.6 of Android, the Acer handset will be …


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Do not touch Acer products!

I've just been dealing with Acer tech support UK due to an upgrade to Windows 7 on an Acer 8930G laptop resulting in no more Blu-Ray playback. The upgrade was supposed to have fixed Acer Arcade Deluxe to play them under 7. No joy.

If you buy this phone, hope and pray you never have to deal with their dumb assed email tech support teams.

Every time you receive a response, the support call is automatically (I think) closed, and will disappear in 7 days if you dont write them back.

They are so bad they wont even guide you thru basic troubleshooting steps. All I got was 'do a Windows Update'. Gee thanks guys.

No questions to me as to the configuration of my machine, not even so much as a 'we'll continue this over the phone' type thing.

Its the worst I think I've ever experienced, and thats over and above the bad time I had with D-Link.

-Still havent bought another D-Link product since. Guess what Acer....

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