back to article Pre-order page reveals Sony Ericsson Android arrival date

Sony Ericsson has created an advance order page for its first Android smartphone and it reveals that the phone will launch in the UK on 10 February 2010. SE_Xperia_X3_02 Sony Ericsson's Xperia X10 will land in February 2010 SE had until now only been willing to say that the X10 – codenamed ‘Rachael’ – would be available …


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My aged 2nd hand N73 is really starting to show its age (esp compared to my girlfriend's C905), so am on the lookout for a sexy new handset. Much as I'd like an iPhone, I have a sneaky feeling that even when Voda start selling getting hold of a kosher SIM free (or even Voda PAYG) will be a bit too expensive for me.

And so I've been having a look at all things Android, and am fairly impressed so far. From what I can work out the OS (and various tweked front ends) are pretty much sorted, but the hardware is slightly lacking. On that basis I'd like to think that the next lot of handsets coming out will have just enough oomph.

I'm looking to buy in March/April so knowing S-E intend to shift this in Feb is a good sign. I'd prefer something from HTC to be honest as I trust them slightly more with updates that some of the big boys.

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