back to article QLogic gets vendor quartet for quad data rate gear

QLogic has revealed that Dell, HP, IBM and SGI have all signed up to take its quad data rate gear. QLogic has quad data rate (QDR - 40Gbit/s) host channel adapters (HCAs) and switches, the 12000 series, in its InfiniBand (IB) line up and is now using its own TrueScale ASIC design rather than OEM'ing a Mellanox chip. InfiniBand …


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Dead Vulture

Sun with quad-rate IB is seeing competition...

Chris Mellor writes, "possibly Sun's IB product development is in limbo due to..."

What does "in limbo" refer to? Sun had been moving ports, cards, and switches to quad-rate InfiniBand since April 2009.

The common reader just can't comprehend how competitors ("Dell, HP, IBM and SGI") reselling quad-rate equipment from a third party vendor ("QLogic"), to start the process of catching up to Sun, means that "Sun's IB product development is in limbo".

That being said - it is nice to see other vevndor join the party! The more, the merrier on Quad Rate IB!

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