back to article MS' Project Natal launch date revealed

Xbox 360 gamers must wait another 12 months before they can lay their hands on Microsoft’s Project Natal, it has been revealed. The company has reportedly told developers that the motion-based controller will launch in November 2010. Natal's global launch date came to light during a series of 'behind closed doors' meetings …


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Too Little, too late?

Will the Xbox360 even be relevent still in 12months time?

I hung up my Xbox coat 6 months ago, after my 4th Xbox failed, and it was time to renew Xbox Live, it simply wasn't worth it anymore, everything I wanted was multiplatform, and factoring in extras, cheaper and usually better on PS3.



Ah bless. Your one of the people who think that the 360 is dead in the water....I'm not going to waste my time trying to burst your bubble, because I know it won't work.

Sticking to facts, and assuming you are buying legal copies of games, I have no idea how you think anything is cheaper or better on the PS3 (aside from the cost of MP gaming). Yes, I know what I'm talking about as I own both consoles (and have done since launch). In my experience the equivalent item on PS3 will either be the same price or slightly more expensive on average.

I play my games upscaled to 1080p on a 40" bravia via QED HDMI cables, and I've compared the same game on both consoles on that screen - I've never seen a game look better or worse on one or the other. There are sometimes differences between the two, but no overall improvement.

Am I a fanboy? Far from it. I've had 2x 360's fail and wasn't happy about it. They were sent off, fixed and returned within 10 days for free.

If my launch 60GB PS3 fails (original model - PS2 game support, 4x usb ports and mem card slots) then Sony will charge me £150 to fix it....It's less likely to fail, but it's not unheard of, and if it does then I'll be just as unhappy with Sony.

I love it when people stress how awful Microsoft/Live/360 is, and how fantastic Sony/PSN/PS3 is (or vice versa).

At the end of the day, they are both massive corporations with some good and some crappy business practices, online services with an equal number of good/bad points, and great consoles with a similar selection of games, similar pricing models, and (again) some good/bad points.

There really is very little between the two, and people really need to get over this nonsense.

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@AC by AC

Very well put... a bit long, but still, you got the point across.


@ AC poster 2

"I've never seen a game look better or worse on one or the other"

Gamespot, for one, disagrees with you. A recent example:

Dragon Age: Origins scores 8.5 on XBox and 9.0 on PS3.

This is down to superior graphics on the PS3.



I tend to believe more in their reviews over yours.

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Low price

I expected over £100. £30-£50 is a very good price if the thing is well supported (unlike the vision cam).

RE: The above comments, LensOfTruth does nice side by side comparisons of cross platform titles so you can see which console does better. Most of the time the 360 wins, but not by much that you'd notice when the bullets are flying.

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