back to article China heralds success of iPhone TV

The Chinese regulator is trumpeting the success of the state broadcaster's iPhone application, claiming 2000 new users daily and half a million signed up in the month since launch. Closer examination shows figures that aren't quite that good: the quoted numbers include subscribers to the streaming TV services run by China …


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Probably Central Chinese TV

They have a bunch of free (boring) channels on various Satellites that can be received in UK & Ireland

FreeTV category is not the country to receive in, but originator:

CCTV4, CCTV9, CCTV E, CCTV F can be received in UK and Ireland. Though a 110cm motorised dish rather than Sky's soup strainer pointed at 28.2E is recommended for those keen to sample a wide range of non-UK TV.

On a bigger dish in UK and parts of Ireland you'll get Badr (if you have it pointed correctly) for CCTV Arabic.

Dead Vulture

That is a VERY appropriate name!

> The free application is available in most of the iTunes stores around the world (confusingly titled CCTV.COM),


I think that is a VERY appropriate name!!!

Big Brother


Awww, MAC and China make a good couple. They both offer too much regulation, too much control, and false information.

Jobs Horns

Was this meant to be sarcasm?

"an iPhone application seems a good way to do it, though we can't help thinking it's not quite in the spirit of Apple's branding."

Seems to me that the Chinese government and Apple are perfect bed fellows.

One is trying to push it's controlled media out to a population of happily oblivious clones and the other is the Chinese government.

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