back to article GNOME 3.0 release hits six-month buffer

The next major iteration of the GNOME desktop has been delayed by six months. It had been expected to land in March 2010, but GNOME 3.0 will now rock up in September next year instead. GNOME Foundation director Vincent Untz made the announcement earlier this week on the outfit's mailing list. "Thanks to the input from the …


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Learning from the mistakes of KDE

Looks like they are learning from the mistakes of KDE.

Now don't get me wrong, KDE is a great Desktop environment (I used to use KDE 3.5) and I know KDE 4.x is improving with every release but I felt that the first release of KDE4 was well, how can I put it, it seemed unfinished to me.

So I think it's a good idea if it means that Gnome 3.0 gets a bit more spit and polish.


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Perhaps they learnt from KDE 4.0

That a "nothing more than a fixed ABI/API" release is a turkey by any other name and they decided to avoid a similar debarcle to KDE 4.0. Anyway , Gnome 2 is perfectly servicable so if all Gnome 3 is is more eye candy and a broken UI similar to KDE 4 then they can delay it forever as far as I'm concerned.



I am a linux user, and I dearly love gnome.

Gnome 3.0 however or more particularly Gnome Shell is a turdfest in my humble opinion. The Gnome crew must be on drugs to consider this A Good Idea(tm)

Yes I tried the beta and am not just casting opinion willy nilly, and yes I know it will be adjusted, changed, tweaked and generally differ from the current snapshot. Maybe they will pull off some kind of miracle, but I can't really see it.. Gnome Shell is just a bad idea. I am not alone in that thought as many people have said much the same in various discussions such as on Ubuntu forums.

Oh well, XFCE is getting nicer ever release, its been one of my alternate desktops for a while, that and Openbox, plenty of other choices thankfully :]

Icon, because I wish Gnome devs would stop, rethink things and decide to build on the UI they have rather than start over with Gnome Shell.... /sigh

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Gnome shell

Gnome Shell is a complete and utter piece of shit. I'm not just talking about the current state of it, I'm talking about the entire "workflow" premise and where they're trying to go with it.

How Gnome developers expect to have any credibility when they bleat on about their "consistency" and focus on "usability", is anyone's guess.


Following in the tracks of KDE 4

KDE 4.0 was originally planned for late 2006 but slipped to jan 2008 - a bit later may be 'more polished' but does not necessarily mean 'finished' and meeting users' expectations.

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