back to article Swedish cyborg gets haptic hand

Boffins in Israel and the EU have fitted a Swedish man with a robotic hand which has a two-way hookup to the nerves in his arm: not only can he operate the hand as if it were his own, he can feel with it too. The SmartHand cyber-appendage developed by EU and Israeli boffins. Credit: AFTAU Touchy-feely technology. "I grab …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    4 words

    Ghost In The Shell!!!

  2. DragonLord

    RPG Gamers got there first

    And here we are at the dawn of cyber punk

  3. Alexander Hanff 1
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    1 word


  4. Jaap stoel
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    I for one welcome our new cyborg overlords

    A really great achievement

  5. The BigYin

    Reg Headline from 2025

    "Robo-hand worm strikes!"

    "Users of the Robo-matic Tug-Master series were waking up today to the first ever cyborg worm. Those foolish enough to jailbreak their neural adaptors so that they can connect to non Robo-matic devices (such as the Ann Summers "CyberRabbit" [see reg: The Rabinator has come]) and forgot to change their default SSH password discovered that their limb was no longer under their control.

    "The worm causes the rampant limb to give the on-fingered-salute every thirty seconds. Attempts by the user to remove the worm prompt a back-hack into their own brains causing them to speak like they are on the set of a Carry On Film. Ooo, matron.

    J. Q. Jackbadger of MS's Cyborg 9 OS team said 'This is why it is dangerous to use opensource for such crucial systems. With everyone knowing the default passwords it is too easy for this kind of attack to happen. This would never happen with close, proprietary code'

    "Of course not J. Q., users of MS Cyborg 9 would be too busy punching themselves in the head for paying the the $1,750 upgrade; assuming their limbs had't crashed."

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Elective robohand?

    When do I electively get to severe my hand just so I can grab a robo-claw?

  7. Anonymous Coward
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    2 words actually

    Fullmetal Alchemist

  8. MPT

    Cash bonanza

    Six millions dollars a go maybe????

  9. Chris Dupont
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    That's highly impressive

    In particular I like the note about the improved training time - even if the prosthetic cannot detect temperature and texture simply being able to detect pressure is a significant step forward.

  10. Sir Runcible Spoon Silver badge


    Bobbit replacement coming soon?

  11. ben 29

    @The BigYin

    My man, to whom do I send the bill for a new keyboard and screen? Extreme coffee meets technology moment. Keep up the good work - or is that a job for the CyberRabbit?

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Damn kids with their Johnny-come-lately pop culture references.

    Luke Skywalker.

  13. Anonymous Coward

    OK, so that outsources..

    .. the repetitive stain injury problem..

    Mine's the one with the pack of Kleenex..

  14. Yorkshirepudding

    sweedish? borg?

    is there a hidden collective slowly assimilating sweeden?

  15. David 45

    Brave new world

    This is really quite amazing. More power to their elbow - and the cyborg hand, of course!

  16. Anonymous Coward


    Is this new or was he Bjorn that way?

  17. Anonymous Coward
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    Well that's Moderatrix's Comment of the Week sorted and it's only Monday lunchtime. Trebles all round.

  18. Greg J Preece

    That's absolutely brilliant

    Nothing more needs saying really. Great achievement.

  19. Hungry Sean


    Very cool achievement indeed, but straight metal on a robo-hand seems a bit intimidating. I'm curious if there are thin silicon covers for the limb to make it look more natural. Or maybe users would want something a little swankier, like cool-blue, or two-tone tangerine/white, or maybe cammo? Is anyone making designer skins for iLimbs?

    In all seriousness, well done to the researchers. I'm sure this will lead to vast improvements in quality of life for amputees, and the technology is amazing. Beers all around!

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @AC 12:40

    C'mon... Steve Austin. No, not the bloody WWE wrestler, the other Yank.

  21. Ben 81


    If I got one of these I'd cover it with convincing latex and take great joy in cutting the latex off with a huge knife on a crowded bus :D

  22. Mussie (Ed)

    Well seeing as no one else has

    I for one welcome our cybernetic overlords.......

  23. Chezstar
    Paris Hilton

    Where do we sign up?

    As a diabetic from a young age, I am looking forward to seeing one of these adorning at least one hand soon....imagine how long you could type without having to go for a break? OHS requirements my metal hand! (And possibly metal ass after some more development!)

    Paris, because she could probably wear out the metal hand...

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