back to article How new is Juniper's 'New Network'?

Juniper Networks had a lot to show last week during its "New Network" launch, billed as its most significant event since its founding in 1996. Covering new data center kit, software, and partnerships, the rollout even occasioned a fresh Juniper logo and promises of a new vision of networking going forward to next decade. But …


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Not a big issue really

We buy Juniper kit (routers, firewalls and SSL VPN's) due to them being open (standards - unlike Cisco), cheap compared to others, excellent support and pretty reliable.

Use HP ProCurve for switches, so when we look at doing our wifi properly we'll either go HP or Juniper depending if Juniper have a wireless solution or not by then.

Think Juniper have a lot to offer. Just hope they can tidy their product range a little. Buying from them is nearly as complicated as buying from Cisco...!

Anonymous Coward

I fail, you fail, we all fail

Looked at their site all of five minutes, glancing like a snorted up executive for the meat I'd need to write code and build programs.

[ ] Documentation

[ ] Build tools (command line's fine, thanks)

[ ] Junos emulator

The last one because I don't have the hardware, but maybe I have a program or two to port, eh? Even if it's screen and ircII to get started. They're basing off of BSD code, so it ought to work, but so far I haven't a clue whether that's even possible. Well, I'll stick to doing creative stuff to OpenWRT routers for now. If this is what they intended, it's successful.

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