back to article Google demi-god backs shared mobile airwaves

After plugging Google's open source Android OS into the interplanetary interwebs, net demi-god Vint Cerf has called for a mobile world where the airwaves are shared by multiple wireless outfits. But he's well aware that the mobile industry's "Soviet Ministries" - aka the incumbent carriers - are less than likely to leap at the …


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Anonymous Coward

I, too..

...rail at the soviet ministries of big-wireless. The jackbooted Nazi stormtroopers of big-cola, too.

Nor am I a big fan of the McCarthy'ist hearings of large-microbrewery, nor the revolutionary purges of substantial-but-not-intimidatingly-so-dairy.

Interestingly, I am all for the iron fist of the oppressive police state. The plaintive tears of the non-me make me feel safe.

Crush the weak in the name of blind ideology, but dont you dare try to stop me making a quick buck from your racket!

This topic is closed for new posts.


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