back to article T-Mobile backs into Android Marketplace

T-Mobile USA is to integrate Android application purchases into its billing platform, proving there's still value in the operator-customer relationship. In his speech at the OpenMobile Summit Cole Brodman, CTO of T-Mobile USA, told the assembled crowd that from November 17th they'll be able to browse a T-Mobile-branded section …


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Giving Microsoft the flick

T-Mobile is probably getting closer to Google and Android, after its disastrous experience with Microsoft. Last month Microsoft lost the data of about a million 'Sidekick' phone users, with the end result that Microsoft got off scott free, while T-Mobile's good name was dragged through the dirt. Also, Microsoft's 'Windows Mobile' is a platform that the public no longer wants and has rejected (it has fallen to 8.8% market share, and still dropping).

The platform which has created public desire is Android, so it is predictable that T-Mobile would join the Android bandwagen.

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Lies from T-Mobile

Who does T-Mobile think they are fooling?

1. They already have an app-store. It's called T-Zones. And they've been touting their developer program to compete with Apple for 2 years. Does this mean that T-zones is a failure?

2. If T-Mobile is an 'open' network, then why do they block my access to download ringtones directly from the mobile web? Oh what's that? to protect their own ringtone revenues? Yah open my ass!

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Looks more like giving Apple the finger

Given that the iPhone is basically a kick in the nads for the "chosen" carriers, as it's basically an Apple gadget with Apple stores and Apple-everything but it doesn't really care about who is the carrier. Android seems to bring the brand back to the carrier.

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