back to article Swedish spooks knocked offline by hack attack

The website of the Swedish Signals Intelligence agency (Försvarets Radioanstalt, or FRA) was taken offline by a massive DDoS attack this week. was intermittently inaccessible from Monday night until Thursday morning, when full service was restored. The agency was in the news recently after Swedish legislators passed a …


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The Irrelevance of The FRA and others like them...

While I would certainly shake the hands of those responsible for DDOS attack, It is important to remember that it doesn't matter if you own a "digital" device or not. We live in the digital age. The "freedom" in the digital world is just as important as in the analog world. We must fight for it every single day. There will always be those who would dare to pry into our personal lives. It will always be "us" and "them".

Everytime you pick up a phone, access your bank account, use your debit or credit card, use your vehicle's GPS system for directions.. someone is monitoring those actions. The more people realize this and resent it, the more they will resist the prying eyes of big-brother. The more alternatives the people will turn to.

In some respects, there are some upsides to this. The "TOR" network is already a fine example of this. In the future, and even now, more complex cryptographic schemes are being developed to keep out or at least slow down big-brother entities. The fight over how much control can be applied to human communication has become visible. At least to the Swedish government. The lines in the digital world are being drawn...



@ Daemon ZOGG

Really? Plenty in the US didn't at all like their government wiretapping w/o warrants but nothing came of it, 'twas for the sake of anti-terrorist nonsense. Same with increased airport security, cameras in the UK on streets, etc.

You won't ever escape the watchful eyes because paranoia is more powerful than sanity. It will only get worse, and worse, because once freedoms are taken away it takes a revolution to get them back and that's not happening when you can't organize sufficient manpower to get the job done.

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