back to article IBM parks beta cloud on development and test servers

IBM on Thursday kicked off a free public beta of a new cloud computing development and test environment that's hosted on Big Blue's machines. The company also added new tools and services made special for testing cloud-based apps in a private cloud. IBM Smart Business Development and Test on IBM Cloud (yes, they put the …


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Changed Days .... REvolutionary Times

The likes of a Big Blue Monolith/Monologue may need to consider and wholly accept, [and that is as pleasant a way of advising them that there is/will be no other possible practical option available to them] that the Cloud Space with ITs Myriad Levering and Leveraged Layers of Stratified Command and Control, ..... which are Ever Deepening and/or More Complex Systems Security Protocols of an Advanced IntelAIgent Viral Design to Beta Server and Perfectly Protect ITs Power Cores/Lode Kernels, ........ is a Medium Directly Closed to them and the Money for Nothing Profit Business Model, and Any and All Acquired and Accumulated Intellectual Property Portfolio Adventurers Seeking an Input for Influential Presence in any of ITs Cloud Control Spaces, will only Gain Privileged Access/be Permitted and Supported via AIRemote Proxy Champion Knight in the Live Operational Virtual Environment Field which the Usual Vulgar Capital Sum Investment Vehicle Enables and Drivers, with the Degree of Overall Potential Influence being Directly Proportional to the Sums Invested.

Thus does a REvolutionary Virtual Novel Speculation in Alien Foreign Fields MetaDataMorph and Transform ITself into a Model Establishment Internal Investment rather than being considered and accounted as a Wild Risky Gamble into Unknown Third Party Ventures .....Leading Cloud Futures with Derivative Options and Mutual Bonds for Binding Control of Alternative Investment Virtual Markets ...... which would Deny All Direct Physical Establishment Access.

And if Cloud Space is Full and in Full Swing, One Necessarily waits for an In Place and Beds Down in any Convenient Spot Outside/Warm Stable Inside.

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