back to article STEC booms but shares are falling

A twenty-fold profit increase for solid state drive supplier STEC in its third 2009 quarter was followed by a share price drop on worries that its golden growth years are coming to a close. STEC recorded revenues of $98.3m in the quarter, 13.8 per cent up on the second quarter and a solidly satisfying 54.3 per cent higher than …


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Anonymous Coward

only thing "booming" is the STEC bubble -- like the Hindenburg

Chris...if those profits were posted against revenue that STEC knew was unlikely to sell through, it's called "channel stuffing". This potentially benefitted both STEC and EMC.

Shortly after booking these orders (July?), the Moshayedi brothers (CEO and COO) sold off a quarter-billion or more at the peak of the SSD-hype frenzy.

But in April of this year, Microsoft researchers in Cambridge UK did the math to show that even at prices about 1/10th what ZeusIOPS costs, there's still no business case for replacing spinning disks with Flash -- in fact the ROI isn't just's negative. You can bet that STEC and EMC saw this research...

It's NOT JUST STEC -- the whole SSD thing is a house of's IBM's top storage research guy out of the Almaden Research group...Dr. Steven Hetzler -- from December of 2008. Of course nobody wanted to listen back then...

Bring on the lawsuits!!!

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