back to article PayPal opens 'embed everywhere' APIs to world+dog

PayPal and eBay have opened their PayPal X developer platform to world+dog. Named with a nod to PayPal's original url, this new collection of APIs is pitched as a way for developers to embedded payment processing in everything from third-party web apps to online app stores to outside dev platforms. "Working together, we will …


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Paypal is shit

Been using bank giro transfers for years and now we've got IBAN and SEPA* and all the protection of customer credit legislation. Actually that last bit probably means very little where banks are expected to stiff the customers and get bailed out** when their bets go wrong.

* pretty much same day transfers in the Euro area for everyone.

** anti-terrorist legislation can, of course, be invoked at will against any foreign banks we license but later decide we don't really like.



Wonder how long till till the various governments finally get round to forcing paypal to fall in line under the financial regulation systems.

Mines the one getting his pockets emptied by paypal after not using the account for a couple of years.

Anonymous Coward

"all of ecommerce"

Yes, well this little bit of all of ecommerce will continue to use a payments provider that's FSA regulated, thank-you very much.


Sun has adopted PayPal X for the Java Store

Paying for Java applets on Java Phones via PayPal is one of the new customers for the platform!

"Java Store Beta Payment Mechanism Powered by PayPal"

"Sun now supports for-fee applications submitted by developers for distribution

in the Java Store Beta. Developers can price their offering anywhere from $1.99

to $200.00 (USD)... Developers will receive 70 percent of any for-fee application sold

through the Java Store Beta. Utilizing the new Adaptive Payment API from PayPal,

consumers can authorize the Java Store Beta to bill against their PayPal account

so they can simply click the "Buy" button and never have to leave the store. In

addition, when a customer makes a payment in the Java Store Beta, the

application owner also gets paid at the time of the purchase."

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