back to article IBM facelifts i/OS for midrange gear

It might have come out with a slightly different name and a little later than expected, but Big Blue has tweaked its proprietary midrange operating system for Power-based systems with the i 6.1.1 release. The word on the street a little more than a year ago was that Big Blue would be packaging up some feature enhancements and …


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I'm surprised

That the redundant VIOS for IBM i has only just made it out of the door.

For AIX, it has been possible to have 2 VIO servers providing multiple paths to your storage for at least 3 years, and it was being talked about when AIX 5.3 was announced, whenever that was. But I guess that the UNIX market place is a bit more aggressive, and AIX needed more of an advantage to leverage sales.

Wonder when they will get the partition mobility support.


IBM and high-end disk array in the same sentence???

Sorry El-Reg,

But I must object to: "IBM's high-end DS8000 disk arrays"

Since when does using commodity 4-port 4Gbps FC cards (with bandwidth at the bus of <1.1 4Gbps) consitute 'High-End'??

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