back to article Whitehall mulls new police leak investigations

The head of the civil service is considering calling police in over leaks from parts of the government that deal with national security issues. Sir Gus O'Donnell, the Cabinet Secretary, told MPs information is escaping from what he called "sensitive" areas, but he has so far not called police in. "I'm trying to work out …


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Anonymous Coward

I see David Nutt was sacked

The drug advisor, was sacked by Alan Johnson for criticizing government policy, over that 'lethal cannabis' reclassification.

The disconnect between the government and the real world gets bigger every day.


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1 The independant advisor was sacked because he gave honest independant advice.

2 The comparison between horse riding and ecstasy may well have been statistically true and valid within the context, but that was not why he was fired.

3 And where is the BBC support of the goverment ? I saw a news interview that was sympathetic with the professor.

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