back to article Are you mulling new ways of refreshing desktop and laptop estates?

In this week’s poll we asked if people were rethinking their desktop strategies, and what options they were considering. So what is really happening – is anyone actually considering refreshing their desktop and laptop estates? Well when we asked you “Have you been given pause for thought about your own desktop strategy for any …


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So Stop F####g about and hurry up!!!

or the only Techy's you are gonna find available will be NON-BRITISH Nationals!

Seriously if the IT Industry does'nt pull its finger out and start getting the Migrations to the next OS sorted soon, there WONT! be any Experienced technicians left!

cos lots of us are switching to more secure work....


[< It's better paid and a damned sight more secure and it is one of the few industrys where the customer is actually happy you turned up and delivered something >]

Unlike Deployment Engineers on a Corporate Desktop Estate upgrade.

mines the coat, I'm off to go do the night shift at ASDA.....

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Speaking for myself ...

"As a final point, one question that didn’t quite make the poll was what you might do with the old kit, should you be upgrading or replacing."

For years, maybe two decades, I've been taking used, "out of date" corporate desktop PCs, nuking the contents, doing a clean OS install, and donating them to under-privileged kids. Yes, years ago I put "illegal", "pirated" operating systems (from unused, older licenses) on them. For the last decade plus, they have received a custom copy of Slackware (yes, I support 'em when they need it, which is rare).

Some of those kids are now programmers, network engineers, and whathaveyou. Most of their fathers were and still are field hands. I'm not apologetic, I don't regret it, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Microsoft can kiss my pasty white butt if they don't like it.

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You steered kids into a life of IT? Why? Why were you so cruel? They would have been better off as field hands.

Would you look at that. It's outsource o'clock!

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