back to article Egypt crafts mobile phone 'code of conduct'

Think twice before using your mobile phone next time you're in Egypt, because the country has drawn up an “ethics code” for mobile phones. The guide – written by the country’s National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) and Consumers Rights Protection Committee (CRPC) – contains 16 points designed to regulate your behaviour …


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Atheists take a different view.....

of the view that 'religion is reasonable'. [ Some of the code’s more reasonable points include a warning not to use your phone inside places of worship or while driving. ]

The driving bit yes, but where better than a place of worshiup to use a mobile ; there not a load of other people chunttering away in the back ground making hard to talk.

And as for 'don't use a ring tone that will annoy' does that mean every mobile should be on silent from now on ? Oh I bloody hope so......


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