back to article DOJ widens anti-trust optical drive probe

On Monday, Sony's US optical drive subsidiary said it was being investigated by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) in connection with anti-trust activities in the optical drive market. The net has now widened to include Toshiba and Hitachi. Japan's Nikkei English News has reported that both Hitachi and Toshiba's US-based …


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Hell yes!

I've died and gone to a country where government works!


Probably but...

...DVD players and rewriters are pretty cheap these days. Now BluRay on the other hand...

Also the price of certain media has remained pretty high. Especially double layer DVD-R's and BD-R.

It's become more economical to store your large media files on hard disks.



So we get investigations into the Browser market (browsers are free) and the DVD drive market (you can pick up a DVD player for about £15). I'm not suggesting there is nothing dodgy going on but it does seem like they want to be seen to be doing something rather than actually investigating markets that might help consumers.



Well I would tend to agree with you on this but. . .

The browsers are being investigated because someone (Opera) somewhere have bitched long and loud about M$'s bundling of the browser with their operating system. For some reason this is seen as anti-competitive due in part to the fact that M$ currently have, oh damn, I just checked and IE isnt the top browser anymore.*

They only have 40%** market share and supposedly FF has 47%**. Guess its time to have Opera look at Mozilla for illegally making a browser that competes with theirs. . .

Well this is certainly interesting.

*Cant be 100% sure of the statistics but they cant be that far off.

**Rounded up because Im being lazy

/Grabs the marshmellows

Im ready to be flamed now Opera users

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