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IBM has updated its high-end DS8000 monolithic storage array with a Power6-processor-based DS87000 model, meaning users will get data faster. The system has dual 2-way or 4-way processors and uses PCIe bus technology and new adapters. It is a FICON-only product for mainframe connectivity; the older ESCON channel technology has …


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National Intelligence Service Jousts .... Fire in the hole.

"IBM also plans plans to deliver smart data placement, a technology that exploits the tiered Solid State Drive (SSD), Fibre Channel and SATA drive storage on the 8700. It "will enhance the DS8700's ability to identify hot data and automatically migrate that data to and from solid-state and Fibre Channel drives,"and also SATA drives."

And that sounds far too much like something else, already elsewhere and up and running in another Parallel/Virtual Program, to be original ....... which means that it will be easily led in their direction, Cutting through the C.Rap and Dicing up the FUD .........

And how very Spooky that I have just been visiting a newly launched, totally unrelated site ....... ....... although one may like to reconsider the Spooky Element and replace it in IT with CyberIntelAIgent Design, for it may be much more likely and accurate.


Fact check, please

"The more powerful controllers has enabled the use of more expansion frames, the DS8300 offering two with the DS8700 offering five."

Nah, pretty sure the 8300 had the main cab plus up to four expansion frames. If the 8700 really allows more frames, what are they for? Not additional drives, apparently...

"there can from 16 to 1,024 hard drives, and up to 1,024TB capacity, the same as the existing DS8300."

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