back to article Yahoo! profits! soar! on! falling! revenues!

Google says the worst of the economic meltdown is behind us. But Yahoo!'s take on the matter is a bit more guarded. After its revenues took another dip during the third quarter, dropping 12 per cent year-on-year, the best Carol Bartz and company can say is that the economy is "loosening-up a bit." Controlling more than 60 per …


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"We didn't hire as quickly as we'd planned," he said, "and that contributed to about a third of the under-run. Though we would have preferred to ramp headcount at the originally forecasted past, we're taking the time to ensure we're hiring the right people in the right places."

Plain English:

We fired thousands of employees, last quarter, so we saved a bunch of money on salaries.

What other explanation is there?

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