back to article Oracle revs Xen VM to 2.2

As part of the OpenWorld extravaganza in San Francisco this week, Oracle has kicked out the expected Oracle VM 2.2 release of its homegrown Xen server virtualization software. Oracle VM 2.2 is an interim step as it moves toward a converged server virtualization stack that makes use of the management features of the Virtual …


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Oracle VM Server similar to Sun xVM Server

Author writes, "Oracle VM Server 2.2 is distributed for free, as is the new V2V conversion tool for VMs created to run on Virtual Iron hypervisors... But support for the Oracle hypervisor is not free."

Bundling Xen into Oracle Enterprise Linux and charging only for the support is a similar model that Sun took with bundling Xen into Open Solaris and only charging for OpenSolaris support.

Things will be interesting if the Sun purchase by Oracle is approved!


Actually ...

"Bundling Xen into Oracle Enterprise Linux" isn't true.

The enterprise thingy used for dom0 is seriously cut down: no graphics, no compilers, no nothing useful for anything other than supporting management and guests. It's actually quite a good idea to do that as well.

The full Oracle Enterprise Linux is a complete clone of Red Hat's offering and as such has a _different_ version of Xen. So it's as well not to confuse them.

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